A genuine leather cover journal with a custom image of an animal burned in the leather and then painted with acrylic paints. Size 5x7. Interior pages can be lined or blank - please indicate your preference below.


The first step in the process is that I will sit in meditation while holding you in mind. During the meditation, while holding you in my thoughts and heart, I will invite an animal to come forward who would like to work with you through the form of the journal.


The final journal also includes a short description of the qualities and wisdom the animal is known for and the things it might be able to teach while you’re working with it. However, I also encourage you to do your own deep listening and trust your inner knowing about the lessons and wisdom it has to share with you.


Please note that I do not take requests for specific animals and because it is made specifically for you, the journals are not returnable. So please sit with the idea consciously to see if you truly feel called to purchase a journal and journey with an animal friend in this form. If you do feel called to the process, it will be my joy to make a journal for you! Once you place your order I will send you an estimate of the timeline for its completion.

Animal Wisdom Journal (approximately 5 x 7 inches)

  • Animal Wisdom Journals are custom made for you, and so are not returnable.

    It is always a joyful surprise what animals show up in my own life with lessons I wasn’t looking for or expecting. So, that element of joyful surprise is consciously incorporated into the process of creating a custom journal for you. Your trust in and patience with the process is rewarded with the wonderful surprise of your animal being revealed when the journal arrives in your hands!