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"I keep this book close, open it randomly and I’m inspired by both a short collection of lines and by reading an entire poem. This is curriculum for living a full, evocative, rich and accountable life. Such richness masquerading simply as a collection of poetry! Add this to your shelf and then? don’t keep it there, but keep it close." Mary Anne Radmacher, Author/artist


"This book changed how I move through the world! I slowed down to see what I might be missing." Caren Albers, Poet


Grace Reflected is a journey you are invited to take. Its poems and essays plumb the depths of spirit and communion with the Divine and nature, while considering the nature of loss and change, and the meaning of spiritual activism.


*Please note, if you are a person who prefers to open a poetry book to a random page rather than read it from beginning to end, please know that chapter six, Giving Voice, deals with emotionally difficult subject matter, including mass shootings and sexual and racial violence. The introduction explains why I address topics like these in the collection and there is a warning at the beginning of the chapter, but those won't help people who open the book at random. Please read with care.

Grace Reflected*

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