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Follow Your Heart Compass

​​Not long after that, I worked with a local silversmith to bring the design to life as a necklace. I waited rather impatiently for its completion and was so amazed by its beauty when I received it. I christened it my Heart Compass. I learned to let it guide me to my true north in any given situation, love. It was incredibly helpful for me to have a constant physical reminder to follow the compass of my heart in everything I do. Still, some days I am better at remembering to follow the compass than others.


Over time and through using my Heart Compass, I learned that if I am still and listen to the guidance of my Heart Compass it points me towards love, what love would do, how love would act, where love would go. It was the stillness and listening that were the keys to hearing and following the guidance of my heart. The necklace served as my physical reminder to be still and listen. It was an essential part of the journey for me. That journey wasn’t always comfortable, and the choices that love must make sometimes are not always easy. However, knowing that I had love as my guide made the challenges more manageable. I will always be grateful for that picture in my mind that has become such a huge part of my journey through this life.

As I worked with it in the beginning, I discovered that one of the most important aspects for me to remember about the design was that the heart at its center is part of a spiral and that the energy flowed both ways along the spiral. That meant that not only did I want to create my life essentially sending energy out from my heart, I also wanted to receive through the heart. It was the reminder I needed that everything begins and ends with the heart. The mind is then guided by the heart. That concept became an essential part of my book The Rules of Creation, with my favorite chapter being “Your Heart Is Your Compass, Your Mind Is Your Tool.”


The journey didn’t end with me though. One of my great joys is being a mother. One day when my older daughter was in college, she asked me if she could take the necklace with her to school. I admit that I was reluctant to part with this one-of-a-kind piece that had so much more value to me than money! Yet, I was so touched and amazed that at her age she already knew it was something she needed. She was light-years ahead of where I was at her age! Of course, I told her she could take it with her as long as she made sure it was safe. I was further amazed when she eventually returned it to me saying that she didn’t need to have it with her anymore. Wow!


Over the years, I have had so many people ask me about the necklace and want to know where they could get one of their own. I tried several times to find someone willing to make them so that I could make this gift that offered me such certain guidance, available to others. In the end, the Heart Compass led me right back to myself!


I copyrighted the design and set about learning to create the necklaces. Bringing them to life for others has had its challenges. I started out as a complete novice to jewelry making. However, as much frustration as learning to solder created, it was far outweighed by the joy I felt when I held the first Heart Compass I had made myself in my hand! I’m so grateful for friends who encouraged and supported me through my first few attempts!


I’m also grateful to jewelry designers Jeanette Caines and Lisa Beth Shapiro for their guidance. Lisa Beth told me right from the beginning that I could make the necklaces myself. It took me a while to believe her! Once I hit some snags, she was there doing a lesson with me by Zoom. Jeanette Caines was a light in my moments of soldering despair when I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish a single piece! She watched my process (again by Zoom) and within minutes was able to tell me where the problem was and helped me solve it.  


It is now such a joy for me to make the Heart Compass available for others! I hope that your journey with your own Heart Compass will be as life-changing, fruitful, and full of love as mine has been.  

Heart Compass original drawing

In 2004, there was an image that kept floating around in my mind’s eye. Eventually I drew it out on paper so I could get it out of my head! I showed it to a friend of mine who is an artist and she said, “That would make a great necklace.” She then suggested that the spiral I had drawn should weave in and out of the points of the compass rather than just lay on top.


It would be my pleasure to make a Heart Compass for you or as a gift for someone you love! Please visit my Etsy shop for details.

The Heart Compass design is ©2020 Lynda Allen

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