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Animal Wisdom Journals

“This was created just for me, there’s no doubt about it. If I came across this piece in a commercial space I would have to do everything in order to acquire it, regardless of the cost. It speaks to me that earnestly."


"The synthesis of Cosmic understanding, physical giftedness and accrued talent produces a product that is unparalleled. You have taken the time honored craft of working in leather to a remarkable level.“

Custom animal wisdom journals!


It was over 12 years ago that I made my first animal wisdom journal. At the time I was looking for gifts for the holidays for two people who were special to me. I wanted to put some thought into the idea, not just buy a standard gift they could get from anyone. At that same time, I was exploring my ability to listen deeply, specifically in nature where I had always felt such strong connections. One of the places where that connection showed up with the most joy was in relation to the creatures that we share the earth with in the form of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, fish, and amphibians. I found that when I paid attention to the animals that showed up in my life, they had amazing lessons to share. I learned as much about the medicine indigenous cultures believe animals carry as I could, I listened to the wisdom they shared with me, and paid attention to their actions. That’s when it occurred to me that I could put my desire for a unique gift together with my connection with animals. I sat with thoughts of the person I wanted to create a gift for and thought about what animal felt connected to them and the idea of the animal wisdom journals was born!


It is always a joyful surprise what animals show up in my own life with lessons I wasn’t looking for or expecting. So, that element of joyful surprise is consciously incorporated into the process of creating a custom journal for you.


The first step in the process is that I will sit in meditation while holding you in mind. During the meditation, while holding you in my thoughts and heart, I will invite an animal to come forward who would like to work with you through the form of the journal.

Once the animal has made itself clear to me, I spend time researching the animal and browsing images of them. After I settle on the overall look I want to create, I then burn the outline and some of the features of the animal into the genuine leather cover, completing the image by painting the likeness of the animal with acrylic paint. Part of the joy of the process for me is getting to spend time with and get to know your animal friend! Depending upon the animal, I sometimes feel called to include a little bit of its surroundings or a paw print.

The final journal also includes a short description of the qualities and wisdom the animal is known for and the things it might be able to teach while you’re working with it. However, I also encourage you to do your own deep listening and trust your inner knowing about the lessons and wisdom it has to share with you.


I do not let you know what the animal is in advance. This is a journey of trust; trusting the animal to make itself clear to me and putting your trust in me to listen well. If you’d like to hear how that journey of trust turned out for some other customers (which I completely understand!) I invite you to read testimonials from other customers.


Your trust in and patience with the process is rewarded with the wonderful surprise of your animal being revealed when the journal arrives in your hands! The animal that shows up may seem unexpected to you at first, it may be one you connected with as a child, or it may be one you’ve been dreaming of while I was working on the journal for you. I’ve seen all three results! Either way, simply open your heart to the animal and know that it has much wisdom to share with you during the time you are working with your journal. With an open heart, you will find that the lessons the animal can teach, are just what you need at this particular moment in your life, and since the journals are refillable, you can continue to work with the animal for as long as you feel called to.


Please note that I do not take requests for specific animals and because it is made specifically for you, the journals are not returnable. So please sit with the idea consciously to see if you truly feel called to purchase a journal and journey with an animal friend in this form. If you do feel called to the process, it will be my joy to make a journal for you! Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have about the process.


I have so enjoyed hearing back from people as they have journeyed with the animal represented on their journals! I look forward to the opportunity to create one for you!


$200 for a small (around 5x7) leather bound journal (order here)

$250 for a large (approx. 6x9) leather bound journal (order here)

For inquiries, write to me here.

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