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Life as it was intended to be lived -- heart wide open and present for the holy moments

Lynda Allen
Poet, Author, Artist



What does Living Heartfully mean?


It is a practice I have explored and developed for years. I define it as being awake to and present with

the heart and the wisdom found there.


I'm glad your heart led you here.

I hope you feel a sense of returning to somewhere familiar and welcoming. It is intended to be a place to uplift and inspire you, where you feel love and curiosity. This is a place where your heart can feel at home, feel seen and witnessed, where your heart can feel awake, expansive, curious, and open to exploration!


Enjoy your visit!


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Living Heartfully logo with map
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You can find links to my most recent collection of poetry and essays, Grace Reflected, and all my books here.

Watch the online launch celebration and poetry reading for Grace Reflected on

Lynda Allen's poetry creates a tender intersection between the ethereal and the familiar. It is meaningful, accessible and instructive. Some of Allen's writing simply affirms the force of life within each of us and others challenge us to allow our force to burn warmer and brighter.

Mary Anne em Radmacher, artist and author

Poetry Collections

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